King Kenneth's Hill Race

This website is dedicated to all those who have participated in the Ben Kenneth Hill Race.

2010 Race Results


Report by Roddy (Poker) MacDonald

Near perfect weather conditions and ideal tidal conditions along with some of the finest hill runners ever to compete in the Ben Kenneth Hill race resulted in the record for the run being smashed by the first three competitors to complete the course.

An usual, a large crowd turned out to watch the 49 competitors who turned up at the start of the race on Lochboisdale pier, slightly down on the 58 who participated in the event last year.

The race record of 33 minutes has stood since 1978 and has been held by R J MacDonald of South Lochboisdale, a winner on ten occasions and was set on RJ’s first attempt in the race and equaled again in 1987.

This year’s winner, Alasdair Anthony from Edinburgh, competed the course in a record time of 29 minutes 41 seconds with David Rodger from Lochaber Running Club second 30 minutes 18 seconds and, Alex Keith from Inverness, a past winner, third in 32 minutes 21 seconds. Fourth place went to Steven Fallon, last year’s winner, also from Edinburgh, who bettered his time by nearly two minutes, to complete the course in 34 minutes 31 seconds. Fifth and sixth were Stuart Simpson and Jimmy Dryden, a regular competitor with the first local home, D A MacLellan, in seventh place with a time of 36 minutes 43 seconds. Second local was Angus Campbell in 39 minutes 14 seconds who was followed by his two brothers, all still on the way home from Barra Music Fest!

First female home was Eilidh Wardlow who also smashed the previous best ladies time coming home in eleventh place, in 39 minutes 37 seconds, with Lorna MacLeod, also in her first race, second in 50 minutes 25 seconds. Andrew Barr, another regular from the mainland and previous winner was fourteenth.

The usual welcome from the crowd greeted the competitors as they finished and all commented on this and the unique atmosphere of the race. The winner, a seasoned hill runner, said it was one of the best races he had ever competed in, a sentiment shared by Eilidh, the first female home.

The Ben Kenneth Shield for the first local competitor home was won by D A MacLellan, another previous winner and the Jim Cross Shield for the first competitor over 35 years of age went to David Rodgers.

The usual local runners, now based on the mainland, made their annual pilgrimage home to compete and Margaret Noble who competed for the first time last year also made the return journey, improving on last year’s time by six minutes.

A number of younger (and older) locals also competed for the first time this year and we look forward to them doing so in the future. One local youngster recently returned from competing the London Marathon commented at the halfway stage on her preference for the flatter event.

A lively presentation and raffle were held later in Lochboisdale Hotel and the prizes were presented by Ronald J MacDonald the previous record holder in the event. It is testimony to his talent that, with no formal training or involvement in any other competition except that Ben Kenneth race that his record stood for such a long time and shows the untapped talent and potential that these islands have always produced.

Sunday August 1st 2010 at 7.30pm

Year Finish Time First Name Second Name Town Gender Local BK No Item
2010 1 29.41 Alasdair Anthony Edinburgh M No BK307 704
2010 2 30.18 David Rodgers Fort William M No BK308 705 
2010 3 32.21 Alex Keith Inverness M No BK267 706
2010 4 34.31 Steven Fallon Edinburgh M No BK275 707
2010 5 35.47 Stuart Simpson Bridge of Allen M No BK309 708
2010 6 36.33 James Dryden Dundee M No BK224 709
2010 7 36.43 Donald A MacLellan Kilphedar M Yes BK121 710
2010 8 37.10 David Megan Wigan M No BK310 711
2010 9 39.14 Angus Campbell Iochdar M Yes BK270 712
2010 10 39.23 Reagan Dryden Dundee M No BK311 713
2010 11 39.37 Eileidh Wardlow Edinburgh F No BK312 714
2010 12 41.05 Donald P Campbell Iochdar M Yes BK209 715
2010 13 42.06 Raymond Irvine Longforgan M No BK313 716
2010 14 44.08 Andrew Barr Lochgilphead M No BK148 717
2010 15 44.35 Andrew Shaw Lochcarnan M Yes BK284 718
2010 16 46.11 Stephen Scott Lochboisdale M Yes BK243 719
2010 17 46.52 Andrew MacIntyre Kilphedar M Yes BK314 720
2010 18 47.10 Steven Marwick Gate House M No BK315 721
2010 19 47.31 Michael Atkin Askernish M Yes BK316 722
2010 20 48.58 Neil MacRury Ness Lewis M Yes BK221 723
2010 21 50.13 Ian Hogg West Gernish M Yes BK317 724
2010 22 50.17 Neil MacInnes Lochboisdale M Yes BK251 725
2010 23 50.25 Lorna MacLeod Milton F Yes BK318 726
2010 24 50.26 Simon Fisher Buckingham M No BK319 727
2010 25 51.28 Calum Campbell Iochdar M Yes BK320 728
2010 26 53.49 Donald R MacRury Creagorry M Yes BK048 729
2010 27 54.25 Ruaraidh Steele Lochboisdale M Yes BK133 730
2010 28 56.39 Craig MacIver Back Lewis M Yes BK240 731
2010 29 56.40 Fraser Nicholson Milton M Yes BK183 732
2010 30 57.39 Allan P Steele Daliburgh M Yes BK321 733
2010 31 59.03 Daniel Cantley Lochboisdale M Yes BK287 734
2010 32 59.28 Tim Dedman Stockport M No BK322 735
2010 33 60.14 Clair Scott Lochboisdale F Yes BK242 736
2010 34 60.21 Archie Steele Garryhaillie M Yes BK072 737
2010 35 62.07 David Steele Askernish M Yes BK187 738
2010 36 63.25 Peter Mathews Leicestershire M No BK274 739
2010 37 63.45 Roddy A Steele Lochboisdale M Yes BK046 740
2010 38 65.06 Donald Nicholson Stonybridge M Yes BK323 741
2010 39 66.25 Daniel MacGilvary Benbecula M Yes BK324 742
2010 40 67.33 Angus J Scott Ormiclate M Yes BK022 743
2010 41 67.40 Margaret Nobles Lochcarnan F Yes BK295 744
2010 42 67.42 Mathew MacDonald South Lochboisdale M Yes BK325 745
2010 43 68.00 Morag Nicholson Milton F Yes BK184 746
2010 44 70.19 Angus MacLellan North Boisdale M Yes BK211 747
2010 45 98.45 Beate Frank-Cowey Germany F No BK326 748
2010 46 99.96 Eileen Cowey Glasgow F No BK327 749
2010 47 99.97 Donald Cowey Glasgow M No BK328 750
2010 48 99.98 Kevin Cantley Lochboisdale M Yes BK329 751
2010 49 99.99 Tony Vernon Garryhaillie M Yes BK330 752

Unfortunately over the years some of the records of the past runners have been lost ( 1970 to 1984 ).
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